Once your website is complete, you will need to select a location to host your website. Web hosting is the process of housing, serving, and maintaining files for a website. Although many companies offer web hosting packages with a variety of support options, VierO Solutions takes web hosting one step further. We help to take the technical guesswork out of understanding the complexities involved with hosting a website.

We offer a variety of different hosting packages, from our basic packages for static html based websites with minimal email requirements, to high end database management systems with enterprise level databases, multiple email accounts, and site statistics.

Take a look at some of the services provided with our hosting accounts.

Servers – VierO Solutions offers hosting accounts for both Windows and Linux servers. We will help you in choosing which type of server is best for your needs.
Email Accounts – All our hosting packages include multiple email accounts including access to your email accounts via MS Outlook and over the Web
Databases – A database is a collection of data stored in a computer system. This data may include information such as orders for an online store, text for a website blog, or information on properties for a real estate website. A software program called a Database Management System (DBMS) helps to simplify the storage, organization, and retrieval of information stored in the database. Our hosting packages include support for the following DBMS: MSQQL, MySQL, MS Access
Programming Language Support – Programming languages control how and what information added to, deleted, retrieved, and stored on a website. The following is a list of just some of the most popular web programming languages our hosting packages support: ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion. PHP, Perl, Java, Python
Security – All of our hosting accounts are firewall protected and we offer SSL certificates for added security on all online transactions
Site Statistics – Site statistics allow you to see how many people have been accessing your website, what they entered into their web browsers to find your website, and what pages they visited while on the website. VierO Solutions offers the following packages to assist with monitoring and analyzing the traffic on your website: Urchin, Web Trends

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