You've built your website. You've picked your domain name. You have a hosting account setup that assures your website will be available to the public and so that you can email potential customers. Now you just have one problem. How to you get visitors to your website to buy your product, learn about your service, or support your cause.

In an ideal world, potential visitors to your website would just enter the name of your product or service into the Google search bar and the name of your business would be the first one to pop up. Unfortunately in the real world effective search engine marketing requires a combination of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and optimizing your website so that it can be easily located by search engines (SEO).

At VierO Solutions we have the experience necessary to help you to:

Determine the ways in which people search for products and services that are similar to yours
Devise a marketing strategy and budget for getting links to your website appear when people search for your
product or service
Estimate the amount of traffic you can expect for your website for a given budget
Write content for your website that helps you to obtain a higher position on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL
Track the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and make any necessary adjustments

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