A domain name is the address that Internet Users enter into their web browsers to access your website. A domain name is also the address that search engines display to users when they perform searches for goods, services, and organizations on the Internet. So why is a domain name so important? For the same reason the name of your business is so important. The name of your business is the first thing a customer considers when evaluating your business. Similarly, a domain name is the first thing that a search engine considers when deciding whether or not to direct customers to your website. There is more to choosing a domain name than going to a website, entering in a name, and clicking on the Register button. It is important to choose a domain name that is inline with your marketing strategy.

VierO Solutions will help you to choose a domain name which:

Helps to create an online band for your business
Helps you to rank higher on search engines

We’ll not only help you choose your domain name, but we’ll help to advise you on which domain name
extensions work best for your business.

VierO Solutions will help you choose from the following domain name extensions:

* com, net, biz, tv, org, mobi


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