If you need to an a feature to an existing program, automate repetitive tasks, or generate custom reports to gain more insight into your operations then VierO Solutions Application Development services may be the right choice for your business. From payment processing to online shipping solutions, we provide applications for businesses that need more than the features provided in off the shelf software. Take a look at some of the custom applications that we have created for our customers:

Our team of technology professionals has experience integrate payment gateways with shopping cart websites to allow for the acceptance of payments online. Some of the Payment Gateways we have worked with include:

Authorize.Net CyberSource Paypal 2Checkout.com

For businesses that ship products directly to customers, there can be a lot of duplicate data entry required to pull the shipping information from a sales invoice or a shopping cart and enter that information into a shipping program.  This often results in data entry errors and increased labor costs. VierO Solutions has created custom web based shipping applications which pull data directly from your website and providing an online solution for performing common tasks such as:

  • Generation of shipping labels
  • Tracking shipments made to customers
  • Viewing signature confirmations  for packages shipped
  • Processing returned shipments

We have experience working with a variety of shippers including:


VierO Solutions has created custom reporting applications which allow business users to view custom reports online. These reports are created by performing tasks such as:

Pulling data from multiple databases and displaying that information to the user as though it was all contained in a single database, reading data from various data sources (Text File, MS Excel,  XML File, MS Access, MS SQL Server) , scrubbing data so that redundant information is removed, and importing that information into a single database for archiving of old reports.

WE have experience working with a variety of databases including:

MSSQL MySQL MS Access PostgreSQL

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