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Your Personalised Website

The internet is now one of the most important source of new clients for businesses throughout available.
Today’s competitive and technology-led environment means that a professional, modern website is an essential part of your marketing. We are able to develop your website for you, writing and designing it to a standard that represents your business, your philosophy and attract the clients that you desire.

No longer do a few technically minded people use the Internet, but it is now used by the majority of our society across all the socio-economic groups. A well constructed website will benefit the business in many ways, including client education, new client enquiries and referrals. The ideal site is easy to navigate and has extensive information regarding all the procedures and services you provide. A website is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing as unlike other mediums such as Yellow Pages, the ongoing costs are minimal and the site has the benefit of underpinning all your other marketing activities.

When you embark on building a website, the first step is to determine what you want to achieve from the site.  It may sound basic, as most marketing ideas are, but they still get missed the majority of the time.  What is the purpose of the site?  Are we attracting new clients, educating current clients or increasing interest in a particular product or service?  Of course it could be all of these things, and if so the site needs to be designed accordingly.  Therefore it is essential to determine the main focal points for the site and make sure that these areas are foremost on the home page and easy to navigate.

What is included in the IDMEDIA Personalised Website?

  1. Custom designed website with unlimited pages, designed in a search engine friendly manner
  2. Custom written content on the business and philosophy
  3. An interactive contact form
  4. The use of both flash and HTML web design programmes to create an interesting and eye catching design
  5. The use of the IDMEDIA stock image library where appropriate

For more information on websites, call 02 9211 1477 to speak with one of our consultants.


Simply designed in the style of the rest of your marketing image, an eNewsletter can get a message straight to your client’s inbox and encourage them to use your website. Designing the newsletter to provide small bits of information that leads them to your website for more details will create impact and get your message across. An eNewsletter can get to people who are regularly online, who receive most of their information this way and who are more likely to look at your website on a regular basis for their information. It compliments the rest of your marketing well and helps support your website.

What is included in the IDMEDIA eNewsletter?

  1. Custom designed eNewsletter in a HTML format that can be delivered directly to your client’s inbox
  2. Linking data from the eNewsletter to your website, where appropriate, to provide more detailed article information
  3. Custom written content for the welcome message, and up to 3 sections within the newsletter
  4. A choice of the IDMEDIA approved newsletter content and illustrations all written in a client friendly manner to be used within an enewsletter
  5. The use of the IDMEDIA stock image library where appropriate
  6. A free quote for professionally emailing the eNewsletter to your database

For more information on eNewsletters, call 02 9211 1477 to speak with one of our consultants.

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