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Carl Burroughs - Marketing Planning & Advisor

With a career spanning almost 30 years at the forefront of entrepreneurial business concepts, Carl Burroughs has always been at the cutting edge of his chosen field. His career began in the UK where he was involved in the creation of the first combined Legal and Real Estate practice.

After immigrating to Australia in 1993 Carl set up Australia’s fastest growing independent telecommunications group; today, Carl provides the marketing edge to iDMEDIA. Inspired by writers such as Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Michael Gerber and Keith Cunningham, all of whom have motivated and educated thousands of people all over the world, Carl applies his business, marketing and inspirational knowledge to the dental profession.

To date, Carl has helped over 600 Australian businesses as well as consulting with businesses in Singapore, North America and the United Kingdom and regularly writes columns for journals and lectures on the subject of marketing and business development.

Brooke Zielke- Senior Project and Account Manager

Brooke’s appointment as Senior Project and Account Manager at iDMedia highlights her dedication and ambition in extending her project and account management expertise within the business sector. She brings a wealth of creative design and flair, marketing skills and knowledge and business and project management experience. Brooke provides the project and account management edge to iDMEDIA.
Her unquestionable enthusiasm and experience highlights her invaluable role within the iDMedia team. She provides all her professional clients with the highest level of support, services and passion.

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