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“You will find that we are as excited about your business as you are.”

iDMEDIA was established with the sole purpose of assisting businesses with design and marketing solutions.

iDMEDIA is a skilled and highly experienced marketing and design company, offering a niche combination of services and advice customised specifically for your business.

Our iDMEDIA team works on each project, consulting on the best strategic combination of marketing methods and providing the tools, designs and content you need to achieve the results you require. We produce outstanding ideas that create impact, educate, motivate and introduce the right message to existing and prospective clients.

What makes IDMEDIA unique?

We have a friendly team that enjoy the work they do. Our project management team stem from a business background so they have experienced life inside a business and understand the day-to-day activities from a first hand basis. We are very enthusiastic about the work that we do, and this is demonstrated in the ideas we develop for each business and the marketing materials we produce for each individual client.

Our goal is to ensure we build strong, successful and long lasting relationships with each client that chooses iDMEDIA for their marketing needs. We take our relationship with our clients very seriously, building trust and understanding as the project progresses. We believe it is important that each client knows they can reply on us to assist them with any marketing concept, design, copywriting task or simply advice; whatever the needs of our clients, we strive on being able to help.


Years of experience both running and working in successful businesses, a real enthusiasm for our work, access to highly trained and understanding professionals and a strong commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients.

These qualities set us apart from other marketing companies; they allow us to confidently say that we are a truly dedicated to your business, goals and desires.

You don’t sit back and think you know it all about your own business, and neither do we! We are constantly researching and exploring new way of marketing your product and service, ensuring our advice to you is the best possible when it comes to marketing your business.

As a business owner, you want to build a long-lasting and rewarding relationship with your client. At iDMEDIA, we have the exact same philosophy about our relationship with you.

“Creating a long-lasting relationship that is enjoyable, building a rewarding working environment, creating referrals through word of mouth and offering educated and informed solutions that work to each iDMEDIA client.”

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